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eConstructionChemicals is a leading provider of global business integration solutions designed to optimize transactions throughout the extended enterprise by automating trading relationships with all partners, regardless of their size and technical resources. Launched to provide integration solutions to the Construction industry, the company today serves customers in Construction industries through its flagship B2B Gateway and related products and services.

eConstructionChemicals is a platform, which fulfills the present requisite of a common B2B portal, which unites various scattered potential Manufacturers, Buyers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Service providers,Applicators, Exporters, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Builders and Developers, and many more at one place. Here at this comprehensive portal, one can promote their business in international market. Being a complete solution for all business enquiries, this portal also promotes and exposes the business in the global market.

eConstructionChemicals.com will assist you in following ways:

  • Find Manufacturers, Distributors and Applicators in the field of Construction Chemicals and the relevant contact details.
  • Find business associates and traders via our portal, whom you can as well contact in our community-area on special topics from your sector.
  • To provide detailed information on the Construction Chemicals from a B2B point of view.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Promotes the growth of the construction chemicals industry by raising awareness and quality standards.
  • Active communication is maintained between sellers and buyers to keep the transparency of business dealings.
  • To provide updates about the recent developments and trends.
  • To focus on ways and means of enhancing the consumption of construction chemicals.
  • Better understanding of construction chemicals and its applications to all.
  • Exposure to new technologies in the sector.
  • Networking opportunities with the best in the industry.
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience about construction chemical industries.



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The increased acceptance of RMC has definitely spurred o

Residential market to offer best growth opportunities.

US demand to increase 3.5% annually through 2016.


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ITME Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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Water proofing chemical for Civil Hospital.

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Market Watch

"Market Watch Services is a comprehensive study of product, Price and analysis of the Global Consumption of Construction Chemicals. This service supports decision making process to provide targeted business intelligence to help utilizing resources more efficiently."

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